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Yes! The beauty of professional Wet Cleaning is that we can clean garments with all cleaning instructions because our system is biodegradable and extremely gentle.

We can safely clean beads, delicates, couture clothing, wedding gowns, all wools and silks.

No. If they are cleaned by a properly trained Professional Wet Cleaner, your clothes will have no issues. Although many dry cleaners claim that they also wet clean,

you should make sure that they are properly trained and experienced. Press On Cleaners has been a dedicated, exclusive, 100% Professional Wet Cleaner since 2008.

We are a full service on-site plant. Our regular turn-around time is 2-3 days. We also offer next day and same day services Monday through Thursday.

Wet cleaning utilizes 100% biodegradable detergents that act like solvents in removing stains and conditioning the garments.

The finished garment has no greasy feel or odor as they do when cleaned with toxic solvents.

Currently, we service the SF Peninsula area.

Feel free to call/text us:
Call/Text (during and after hours): 415-565-1994

Email us:

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