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Founded in 1969 by the Huie Family, Pacific Heights Cleaners has become a neighborhood icon in SF’s elite Districts of Pacific Heights and in the city of Sausalito. In the mid 2000s, they were environmentally conscious to be one of the first dry cleaners in the Bay Area to convert into a dedicated Professional Wet Cleaner (100% nontoxic) in Northern California. 


In May 2022, the Huies retired and now the Roh Family, with over 15 years of dedicated Professional Wet Cleaning experience in San Mateo City and County has acquired both stores. The tradition of excellent service and quality garment care will continue to exceed expectations with the Roh Family.

The Roh Family history starts in 2006 with Press On Cleaners in San Mateo. Until 2008, they were using a Petroleum-based Dry Cleaning system commonly known as DF-2000 or Hydrocarbon and noticed that James had developed red, dotted, and blotchy rashes all over his body. Naturally concerned about the negative health effects of this system on the family, staff and customers as well they converted into dedicated Professional Wet Cleaners in 2008. James' rashes disappeared almost immediately after the switch. In 2009, Press On Cleaners was the 1st dry cleaner to receive the 1st Green Business Certification within the County (21 cities) and the City of San Mateo.


The Rohs are very proud and extremely pleased to be providing HONEST, PROFESSIONAL, and HEALTHY garment care services to their loyal clients and customers. Every garment is treated with care and scrutiny as they do their own. In November 2021, they lost their lease of 15 years at the San Mateo location. As a result, services have been continued as pick-up/delivery services in San Mateo County. In May 2022, they acquired Pacific Heights Cleaners (San Francisco and Sausalito). 



We eliminated all toxic solvents since 2006 because we care.

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